Automation Using Bower and Gulp

In today’s world if you are repeating yourself many times a day trying to build your software application, I have some great news for you.  Automation exists and it is awesome.  At Thinkovator we are using Bower and Gulp to automate our tasks for injecting, bundling, compiling, and building our AngularJS applications. Bower Bower is Read more about Automation Using Bower and Gulp[…]

How to Unit Test Javascript with Chutzpah and Jasminejs

Now that javascript is becoming a much more popular language and there are a few frameworks out there to test javascript, I have decided to do a quick walk through on how to test javascript in Visual Studio. We will be using Chutzpah an extension for the Visual Studio Test Explorer and jasminejs a javascript testing Read more about How to Unit Test Javascript with Chutzpah and Jasminejs[…]

Debugging Javascript in Chrome

Hey Guys, I created a quick little demo on how to debug javascript using chrome. The quality kind of sucks but I am learning some of the dos and don’ts of video posting so it may take a few times. Anyways, let me know if you have any questions. The youtube video is located