How to use Fiddler

Hey Guys, I use an application called Fiddler that captures traffic sent from your browser to the location.  It can be very helpful when trying to test API calls or debugging your application’s ajax calls.  I created a little demo on some of the basic things you can do with fiddler but it has a Read more about How to use Fiddler[…]

How to Unit Test Javascript with Chutzpah and Jasminejs

Now that javascript is becoming a much more popular language and there are a few frameworks out there to test javascript, I have decided to do a quick walk through on how to test javascript in Visual Studio. We will be using Chutzpah an extension for the Visual Studio Test Explorer and jasminejs a javascript testing Read more about How to Unit Test Javascript with Chutzpah and Jasminejs[…]

What Is Responsive Design

I have been working on a website called Colorado Online Rentals and came across the idea of responsive web design. It is a new concept to me but one I am finding very useful. It allows a developer to break his page down into columns and it handles a lot of the resizing of the Read more about What Is Responsive Design[…]