Setting Up Granate

Quick little sample of what I had to do to setup Granate to auto generate my graphql models/schemas for go. First make sure you have your GOPATH set correctly otherwise it will complain about not being able to find the config.yaml file. Next actually go get Granate: go get Lastly, make sure these three Read more about Setting Up Granate[…]

SBT publish Scala Artifact to Remote Repository

Publishing and consuming a Scala artifact from a remote repository was something I found to be a little disjointed when I first started learning Scala and how to publish build artifacts. So, I created a little blog to help anyone else(or my future self) on how to use the SBT publishTo feature and SBT resolvers Read more about SBT publish Scala Artifact to Remote Repository[…]

How to Create a Scala Artifact with IntelliJ IDEA

SBT and Scala are some of the new technologies being used at Thinkovator so I plan to create a few blog posts to help newbies such as myself when they first are starting to use SBT with Scala.  This article is going to be a walk through of creating an artifact using IntelliJ IDEA to Read more about How to Create a Scala Artifact with IntelliJ IDEA[…]

How to Create a Remote Maven Repository

Creating a remote maven repository came about as I have a simple need to host some Scala artifacts on a remote location for my CircleCI builds and other teammates to have access to any new build artifacts being published. I do want to add a brief warning here that this is not the most secure Read more about How to Create a Remote Maven Repository[…]

iOS Distribution Certificate Revoked

We have been busy at work rebranding some of our mobile applications and caught a snag while trying to validate them for the App Store.  The snag we ran into was the Worldwide Developer Relations Certificate Authority, which is required to be installed by Apple, expired on us.  To solve this issue we had to do Read more about iOS Distribution Certificate Revoked[…]

Automation Using Bower and Gulp

In today’s world if you are repeating yourself many times a day trying to build your software application, I have some great news for you.  Automation exists and it is awesome.  At Thinkovator we are using Bower and Gulp to automate our tasks for injecting, bundling, compiling, and building our AngularJS applications. Bower Bower is Read more about Automation Using Bower and Gulp[…]

T4 Templates and Code Generation

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could dynamically or problematically create code to help use from having to mundanely do it ourselves?  Well, that awesomeness has been found and it is called T4 Templates.  We have used them a few times in the past to create some simple extensions for Visual Studio but thought it Read more about T4 Templates and Code Generation[…]

Introducing Meteor to the Masses

Learning new technologies and seeing where they can apply is at the core of Thinkovator.  One of the new technologies we are learning and applying to real world problems is a javascript framework called Meteor.   It was built with the ability to subscribe and publish data real time, make a change in one app Read more about Introducing Meteor to the Masses[…]

Thinkovator Can Help You Release an App

Do you own a business or work for a business that would benefit from a mobile application? Do you have an amazing idea for a game or an application that would make your life easier but you have no idea how to develop it and get it into the market places? Thinkovator can help you Read more about Thinkovator Can Help You Release an App[…]