Business and Personal Goals

This post is going to be a little different than most of the posts on this blog for two main reason.  The first being it has nothing to do with technology and secondly it is going to be more personal.

I started Thinkovator a little over a year ago with the mind set I was going to go out and help small businesses get on the internet.  Along the way my views have changes but my goals have stayed the same, I want to help small businesses expand their clientele base but as I have grown along side my business there are a few life lessons I would like to talk about.

Write your goals down.  I know many people say this and I have learned why they do.  When you write your goals down there is something different about it that makes you motivated to accomplish that goal.  It is also a great feeling to start seeing those goals get checked off.  I started writing down my monthly, yearly and life goals and it is an amazing feeling knowing I am building a path towards a future I think is going to be better than my today.

Listen to motivational stories.  One thing I have started doing every morning while I am at work is to listen to motivational speaker, sound tracks, anything that is going to lift me up and make me want to knock down another goal.  It sounds crazy but they do change your thought process, there are many nights I continue to work late in the night to complete software projects.  I do it because I love it but I also do it because I hear those voices saying if you want a different tomorrow change what you are doing today.

Let people laugh at you.  I mean this.  Tell them your goals and dreams and they will laugh at you.  Not because they are funny goals or dreams but because they don’t think you are capable of reaching them.  That is fine, let them think that because once you get to the top you can look down at them and reach a hand out saying, just because you didn’t believe in yourself the way I believe in myself doesn’t mean I can’t show you how to start.



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