What Mobile Means For Business

As small businesses are having to fight in the endless battle of staying up with technology while growing their business, one place that should no longer be getting overlooked is mobile.  Mobile has just become a way of life for the majority of people and with this new way of life comes exciting challenges but also exciting rewards.  Before I continue on I should define what mobile is and what being mobile friendly means.  Mobile usually refers to people who have phones that are able to access the internet but it could also include people who use tablets or even watches these days to surf the internet looking for products, services, or cat videos.  Being mobile friendly is normally talked about in regards to a business’ website or a business having a mobile applications that allows them to be a mere click away from their customers.

Why should small businesses care about mobile and being mobile friendly?  Simply put, if the business is not looking to be mobile, it is leaving money on the table.  I think showing some statistics of how the mobile market is growing, where it is projected to grow and how having a mobile presence could be putting your business one step above your competitors.

With these stunning statistics I think a lot of people would agree that being mobile friendly is a smart choice for business.  How are you being mobile friendly? Do you see a benefit?  What were some struggles becoming mobile?

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